Program EKOSTOPA sa momentálne nachádza v prestavbe. Registrácia bola ukončená. Stále si však môžete vypočítať svoju vlastnú ekologickú stopu alebo využiť viac ako 250 edukačných aktivít.

Your School’s Ecological footprint

Your school has an ecological footprint as well. Do you know its current value? If you sign up for the school programme you will gain an ecofootprint calculator to find it out.
Now you have a chance to he help your school calculate its ecological footprint. It is an innovative educational programme, the first of its kind in Slovakia. Only a few countries in the world have this opportunity in England, Australia, Austria a Czech Republic.

Internet Calculator

The Internet calculator is the basis of the project. With the help of other students you will be able to calculate your school’s impact on the environment in eight general consumption categories:

  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Water consumption
  • Food
  • Waste
  • Transport
  • Buildings and surrounding
  • Purchase and Equipment

You will discover what is important and what activities are the key ones. You will find out how big a portion of your footprint you acquire at school. You will get armed with the knowledge, which will help you change your habits and live on just one Planet Earth.

The calculations of the ecological footprint can be really difficult and complex. Nowadays, it is used as a fundamental, measurable indicator of a sustainable development. However, it also serves as an explanatory and effective educative metaphor. In cooperation with our English colleagues we have prepared a programme that is adapted to the conditions of schools in Slovakia and to teachers’ needs.


If you are a teacher in a kindergarten, primary or secondary school, the only thing you need to do is to fill out this short online registration form. If the registration is successful your school will get a free username and password, which can be used by any teacher in your school. Find out whether your school is already registered.

The registration process gives you:

  • the right to use the online calculator and calculate the ecological footprint of your school
  • an interactive teaching aid for a practical implementation of environmental education for every teacher
  • attractive educational activities and materials for kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools with links to specific lessons
  • an environmental acknowledgement for your school a tool to measure and publicise the environmental behaviour of your school