Program EKOSTOPA sa momentálne nachádza v prestavbe. Registrácia bola ukončená. Stále si však môžete vypočítať svoju vlastnú ekologickú stopu alebo využiť viac ako 250 edukačných aktivít.

Encouraging Text

Most of us have run across a sandy beach and left our footprints behind! We have left our mark on the beach.

All of us also leave our mark on planet earth! Everything we do uses resources of one kind of another and creates waste when we use them or when we have finished with them.

This is our Ecological Footprint.

Measuring the size of your ecological footprint is great thing to do. It tells you what your impact on earth is and gives you a target to aim for. To try and reduce your footprint and reduce the effect you have on the planet.

This web site looks at the effect your School has on the environment and will give you chance to work together to reduce your impact and make your school better for the planet.

It’s a really simple and easy to use site and collecting the information you need will be fun. Once you know your footprint size you can then set about reducing it and compare yourself with other schools in Slovakia